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Basic Runes Course in Normandy-NEW!

€ 160,00 (inclusief btw 21%)
Levertijd augustus 2022

Basic Runes course given in the English language at the fantastic French "La Maison des Druïdes" in Normandy, Monday 15th till Saturday 20th of August.

Experience the wonderful and magic atmosphere there, while taking part in a fantastic course where you learn about the ancient Norse runes and how to use them. You will make your own set of runes and a pouch to keep them in. Each rune will be experienced and made known to you with all its worldly and esoteric meanings, and will find a place in your own life. You learn about their energy, the correspondences, and will get lots of info on the history of these wonderful and enigmatic stones. You will learn about reading and using them in your life, and how to apply them in different ways and patterns for finding wisdom and insights. 

All this under the expert guidance of Annabella Wiemers, who has more than 35 years of experience working with runes in her life, and who has walked many a student over the years from the beginner path to Vitki level. All with a lot of experience and insight, understanding of history and modern life, creativity and a nice touch of humor in her classes. 

You will arrive in France Monday the 15th of August, and from Tuesday the 16 to Friday the 19th you will have classes, meditations, walks in nature and opportunities in your free time to spend in the beautiful region sightseeing, lazing, or participating in the other events which will be planned that week. (Think bonfires, outdoor musical concerts, trips to gorgeous idyllic French villages nearby, a French Castle, magical sites in the nearby and amazing Forêt d'Ecouves, etc). On Saturday the 20th of August everyone travels home again. (or you're free to plan more vacation if you're so inclined, of course!)

There is an option with room for 4-6 people to stay in one of the gîtes, a lovely wisteria covered french stone cottage, in the middle of an orchard. Lovely chickens, cats, beehives, sheep and a sweet old dog are to be found on the extensive grounds, as well as a lovely swimming pond and a food forest. There is also an option to stay at the campsite of the Maison des Druïdes. The owners speak Dutch, French, German and English. Or you are welcome to find your own lodgings in the region of course. 

Travel and food will be your own responsibility. Check the options menu for the basic 5 day course price only, added stay for 35,- euro per night (per person) in a lovely bed including bedlinens (bring your own towels), or the added camping price at 22,- euro a night. 

The course will go through with a minimum of 8 participants.